I am the realest nigga. That's who I am.

Wow. Had an awesome night with an awesome person. Nothing more to say than that.

Found the stress reliever I’ve always wanted.

My dorm’s workout room has a punching bag. This is perfect. All I need now is to scour my home’s attic for my sparring gloves from my martial arts days and I’ll be set.

Tomorrow, 3 long years of waiting to go back will finally come to a close. Every time I go back to visit the homeland of my family it’s an emotional, enlightening experience for me, it’s tough to explain why, it just is. I just seem to mature as a person in some inexplicable way every time I go and come. I expect nothing less this time around.

So in a few hours, it’ll be time for liftoff, see y’all in a month.

It’s getting quite salty in this realm.

There’s a young guy (looks 25ish) who has some sort of disability living in my complex. And he had his old rusty bike stolen recently. And since his disability prevents him from being able to drive, that bike was his only mode of transportation. Day after day he kept asking people if they had seen his old black bike, and I’m also guessing he’s one of those single guys working hard just to pay off his rent. I was thinking, “poor guy, if only I was older and living by myself I could help this stranger out”. The whole situation really bothered me that whole day when I found out.

But today I found out that a bunch of neighbors anonymously contributed to buying a brand new bike for him, which meant the world to him. I was really happy when I found out, it felt like my conscience was relieved. We need more of this in our world. For me, these kind of stories are heartwarming and uplifting.

Sudden addiction for Coldplay. And this is coming from someone who has repeatedly, shamelessly made fun of them in front of coldplay-loving friends. But I can’t take it anymore, the emotion of their songs has got to me. So many feels. Can’t be a hater anymore. Time to just accept the greatness and embrace it.

Anonymous asked:

Why are you such a troll?

Wow, I didn’t think I was that ugly.  :( Jeez, thanks for understating it. Time to go into the fetal position and live the rest of my life under a bridge I guess…

vesuviusvas asked:

What's your most embarrassing fear?

I’d say accidentally walking into the girl’s bathroom in a crowded public place. Like many nonsensical fears, this one arised from my childhood. When I was in preschool I walked into the girl’s bathroom and freaked the hell out when I realized, probably being scared of ‘cooties’ or some shit. Ever since then I was afraid of doing that. Nowadays of course, my reason of being afraid stems from the awkwardness and embarrassment that comes from such a situation. Especially since I’m the type of person to have serious lapses of absent-mindedness, I could see myself doing such a thing. In fact I have walked into ladies bathrooms a few times in my life, but luckily they didn’t happen around people, which would always leave me to say “phew”.

So pretty much my biggest embarrassing fear is of embarrassment itself. Or atleast embarrassment in front of the opposite sex.

Or who knows, maybe the bitches love it. ;)

There’s a few friends back from high school who actually piss the hell out of me whenever I think back about their words and actions. Sometimes it’s because of the way they converse and some of them can talk really harshly that don’t bother me in the moment but do so later when I think about it. Some of them are as jokes of course, but I can definitely differentiate between jokesters and jackasses. Others are just ignorant towards me nowadays and don’t value their friendship with me the way I’ve done for them because deep down I don’t offer enough to them (which goes to show that I was basically used before). Some look at me as inferior for whatever reason (maybe because I supposedly go to an inferior college?) and are doing so because I know for a fact that they’re just covering for their own insecurities.
All of these are just annoying traits that make me glad I don’t go to the same school as these people anymore. As loyal as I’ve been to friends, I’d love to cut ties but unfortunately I constantly feel their presence on the social networks I use so I can’t. I wish more of my college friends used twitter, tumblr, etc so it would mask that poisonous presence some of my old friends have.

Of course, the majority of you guys I enjoy spending time with and I know for a fact that you feel the same way. So yeah, cheers mates!


Seth welcomes Stephen Colbert to network TV tonight on Late Night!


Seth welcomes Stephen Colbert to network TV tonight on Late Night!